Corp Officers / Ministers – Majors William & Tracey Walters

We were appointed here in Niles in July of 2005, we had previously been in Minot North Dakota for three years, before that we were appointed to Oshkosh, Wisconsin for six years.

Both Majors Bill and  Tracey are first generation Salvationist. Major Bill started attending as a baby when his sisters would take him. Major Tracey started attending as a teenager when someone from the local Salvation Army in Dubuque Iowa invited her and her siblings to Sunday school.

The Lord has continued to guide and bless our lives through many people we have had the pleasure of knowing over the years.

It is our belief that the Lord has brought us to the Niles Corps and we know that God has some wonderful blessings to share. As the community continues to grow and change, we are looking forward to being apart of the growing ministry in Niles and the surrounding areas.

We have one daughter, Michelle, and one son, Aaron who is 7.  They are both wonderful kids and a blessing from God.