Disaster ACTION DETAILS: Captain William Walters was Contacted by Fire Department Dispatcher at 4:47 PM.  Captain Bill also received a call from Jim Mahler who received a call from Robert Eisenhart who also was contacted by the Niles Fire Department dispatcher.  Jim M Went to get the canteen and Hyderation supplies and Captain Walters went to the scene, to assess where we were to locate the canteen.  Capt. Bill arrived at 5:02 PM.  The canteen arrived at 5:17 PM and was placed at fourth and cedar which was the back of the burning buildings.  We soon moved our food next to the Red Cross set up next the Health and Rehab for fire fighters, which was right behind the IC Center Vehicle.  Jan Nowak arrived at scene to assist at 5:22 PM.  Robert Eisenhard (Chicago EDS and EX-Niles EDS)was on his way home and volunteered to pick up 15 Pizzas and deliver to the scene.  He arrived at 5:35 PM.  Captain Bill also Called Pizza hut for more pizzas to be delivered that were donated.

During this event The Salvation Army And The American Red Cross  worked together making mutual decisions between the two agencies using their recourses with the lowest cost possible.

During the deployment, the following items were served:

Pizza 26 @ 12 Slices Per=312        Gaterade-Approx. 150

Bottled Water -aprox. 50            McDonald Hamburgers 100

Arbys Sandwiches-44

RESPONSING AGENCIES: Niles (Michigan)Fire Department

Niles Township (Michigan)Fire Department

Howard Township (Michigan)Fire Department

Clay (Indiana)Fire Department

Watervaliet (Michigan)Fire Department

Buchanan (Michigan)Fire Department

Buchanan Township (Michigan)Fire Department

St. Joseph (Michigan)Fire Department

St. Joseph Township (Michigan)Fire Department

Berrien Springs (Michigan)Fire Department

Bertrand (Michigan)Fire Department

Niles Police (Michigan)

SMACCAS Ambulance

Barron Lake (Michigan)Fire Department

Porter (Michigan) Fire Department

Edwardsburg (Michigan) Fire Department

Royalton (Michigan) Fire Department

Dowagiac (Michigan) Fire Department

Pokagen (Michigan) Fire Department

Coloma (Michigan) Fire Department

Galien (Michigan) Fire Deaprtment

Eau Claire (Michigan) Fire Department

Germantown (Indinan) Fire Department

Harris (Michigan) Fire Department


July 3,2008

Captain & Mrs. William Walters Salvation Army of Niles

P.o. Box 1150

Niles, MI 49120

Dear Captain & Mrs. Walters,

On behalf ofthe City of Niles, its citizens and myself, I would like to extend to your company or agency our sincerest gratitude for your help during the critical fire our City experienced recently. The outpouring of assistance, professional experience and consideration shown by your employees from the Salvation Army of Niles was truly appreciated and comforting. Without their tireless efforts our firefighters, police officers and utility crews would have certainly had a more difficult time handling the situation.

It was truly inspiring to see so many community businesses come forth to provide goods and services to assist the many safety personnel from not only the City of Niles but from all over the Michiana area who responded to the crisis. Your gift of time and service was truly welcomed and very much needed.

Please take a moment to personally thank each person who provided aid to us in our time of need. Their efforts provided comfort and peace of mind. Again, we offer to each of you our respect and our gratitude. We wish you all peace and safety.




P.O. Box 487

Phone (269) 683-4700

MEMBER MICHIGAN MUNICIPAL LEAGUE 508 East Main Streethttp://www.ci.niles.mi.us/

Niles, Michigan 49120 Fax (269) 684-3930