The word “assistance” describes this office because we are in the business of fulfiling people’s needs, of being helpful, of addressing the person before us.  The Salvation Army is notoriously generous and present on the front lines of the needy.  We get many phone calls and visits from newcomers to the community who depend upon our guidance-where to go for which need, how to approach a housing issue.

We have designed some guidelines and yet maintained some flexability in how we do what we do.  The structure of our programming is set up that way because each situation is unique, and our partners in the community each have their own guidelines to consider

Rent assistance is available for those persons facing a potential eviction.  The availability of assistance depends on the reliability of our own funding sources designated for this type of help.

To inquire about gaining assistance please call 269-684-2660 to schedule an appointment with the social worker.  At the time of your phone call, you will be instructed on what documentation is necessary to have available at the time of your scheduled appointment.

Rent assistance is made available, depending on funding, only once a year to households.