Utility Assistance

When a household is facing a shut off notice for a utility service, The Salvation Army endeavors to intercede and provide financial relief.

Our ability to offer such help is dependent on a number of factors, not the least of which is the availability of funding sources for this particular service.

Recipients of this outreach must reside in our service area, they must schedule an appointment to meet with the social worker, and can receive utility help only once a year as a general utility rule.

To inquire about assistance, please call 269-684-2660.  At the time of your initial phone call you will be given instructions as to what documentation is necessary at the time of your appointment.

Each and every case is a unique story and thus we strive to provide a conscientious and caring audience to hear each person’s circumstances.

Often we discover through dialoging with folks that there are additional needs that they have.  Many times The Salvation Army provides multiple services following an intake interview.

Regardless of whatever we do, it is always, done in the name of Jesus.