The Salvation Army Wish List

It is a difficult time for many people in our area. If you’ve wanted to do something about it, but don’t know what, you can help us help those in need by fulfilling some of these wishes on our list:

  • Bike rack for our Lunch Bunch
  • Dolly with large wheels to cart food up and down steps
  • File storage boxes for letter-size manila folders
  • Two- and four-drawer filing cabinets
  • Indoor/Outdoor entry-way rugs
  • Floor Buffing Machine

You can also be the extra hands that extend our reach: Offer some respite to our Lunch Bunch cooks by volunteering to help in our free-lunch program, donate a few hours a week to do general cleaning around the building or fill in at the reception desk, or just stop by after it snows to see if the walks need to be shoveled.